How it works

Being a member of GLR Coffee couldn’t be smoother.
Pick your item. Get your box. Drink your coffee. Tell your story. Belong.



let us know how many bags of GLR Coffee you need each month. We send them right to your door.

No Rules

No fees. No long term commitment. No contract. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Frequency and Quantity

Tell us how many bags of coffee to put in your CoffeeBox and how often you want to receive it. It’s that easy. If your needs change, let us know. We’re happy to change your membership level at any time.

Make it Your Own

Start enjoying your coffee life the day you get your CoffeeBox. Grind it. Brew it. Drink it. Share it.

Share your story

Coffee is all about experience. Be part of the GLR Community by sharing your coffee story. Maybe you’ll meet your spouse or a ski buddy or the co-writer of your next novel or your next employer. We all have GLR in common.