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Our Coffee

Our coffee is a proprietary blend of single origin coffees from Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala. Through sourcing, importing and cupping, our coffee blends compliment perfectly in boldness, sweetness and acidity. Available in a Medium and Dark Roast, simply choose your preference of ground or whole bean; and within days you’ll be experiencing the ultimate in fresh coffee

Our Guatemalan coffee comes from Lake Atitlan in the Huehuetenango region. Grown in high altitudes and surrounded by volcanoes, this coffee is produced to perfection containing citric acidity with floral and apricot undertones.

From the vast mountains in the Huila region, our Colombia coffee provides the complexity in your cup. How can this coffee be so smooth yet so exotic? With an elevation of 5,300 meters, this shade grown, volcanic coffee is special.

Our Brazil coffee from the Minas Gerais region is the backbone to our blend. This coffee takes the differences from the other two countries and provides sweet and fruity direction that will keep you coming back for more each morning.